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Qiying Yin

Qiying Yin


Postgraduate student


Professional biography

I graduated in Xi'an Jiaotong University in China with my bachelor in chemical engineering in 1999. In 2002, I graduated with masters in South China University of Technology in China in process system engineering. Afterwards, I was employed by Procter&Gamble in Guangzhou , China , where I worked as project manager and process engineer for one year. Since 2003, I am studying in Centre for Process Integration, the University of Manchester as a PhD. During this period, I worked in Procter&Gamble in Brussels as design engineer for six months. I will finish this PhD course in Sep, 2006.

I came to study Chemical Engineering by chance. I got the application form for universities, and I found out that most of majors had long names which I did not have any clue about. I read them line by line, and got more and more confused. At the end, Chemical Engineering was one of the shortest names, and I felt I'd better to do something that at least seemed simple. So I chose Chemical Engineering. That happened in 1995, and after ten years, I am here in Manchester doing a PhD in CEAS. But fortunately, I enjoy being a chemical engineer.

For future, though I got a few job offers around world, I am very keen on having my own consulting company and help solving reliability problem for chemical plants. It attracts me not only because of the freedom of managing my future by myself but also the opportunity to travel around world and meet and work with so many different people. In my personal life, I enjoy music, dancing, trying pubs, bars and restaurants (particularly when I am in different countries) and kick-boxing, as well as other sports.

WiSET brought me a big group of friends with similar ambitions and interests, which I appreciate most. I like to share my ambitions with them, and I like to help them planning their future also. Surely, it was great to have night-out with girls after always being with boys. At the same time, I met a lot of professional women role model through WiSET. Surprisingly, some of them are in a career which I am dreaming about. I am very encouraged by them, and also I was pleased to have the chance to ask the things I am concerned about for the future. And they shared their experience with me, which is invaluable for me.