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Xiaoyu Liu

Xiaoyu Liu




Professional biography

I did my A-levels in London and decided to do a chemical engineering course with Umist when I was at school. After completing my secondary education successfully, I started my university life. I am currently in my third year reading for a four year MEng Honours degree in Chemical Engineering with Industrial Experience. I intend to pursue a career in chemical engineering specialized in petroleum refining. And perhaps focus on new power development after I gain enough experience.

In my spare time, I am involved in activities with fellow students from all over the world. I have been elected as the first year academic representative in chemical engineering department. This involves mediating between students and the department. I am currently in the University Christian union, and also a member of the cell group. We have cell meeting every Wednesday and always some interesting events going on such as curry night or outdoor excursion. I am an active member of the university social badminton club, and I go swimming very often. I love travelling; I have been learnt more about the world and meeting people from different background. This has broadened my horizon and made me a more open-minded person.

Since I started my A-level studies I have found science very rewarding and challenging. When chemistry and physics are combined, I find it very satisfying that I can solve problems using the mathematical method. The correlation between these three fields made me realize that a chemical engineering course combines all my interests, as well as the use of my practical and analytical skills. The conversion of raw materials of all kinds into everyday product in a safe and effective way is very appealing to me. As a an interesting subject, Chemical engineering offers many exciting career opportunities, such as performing groundbreaking scientific research, working as a field engineer, or occupying a senior management position. Getting the chance to travel all over the world is also one of my dreams. Chemical Engineering graduates are creative, numerate, good communicators and skilled at solving problems and delivering results who can go on to successful careers in finance, consultancy or scientific. The most appealing thing about Chemical engineering is that I will be working to improve the quality of people's lives. We are helping to end starvation, disease and poverty. In a word, Chemical engineering is one of the most interesting, useful, satisfying and rewarding careers you can possibly get. I have not had a second thought when I applied for it.

I am currently working in industry as a trainee chemical engineer. A placement will help me sharpen my study skills and develop the ability to focus. I will also benefit from the insight and experience of working with professional staff in a commercial environment. I believe doing a placement will give me a clear outline of what chemical engineering really is and therefore help me clarify my future career direction.

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